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Top E-Book Fiction

This is a list of the top 10 selling e-book fiction in the United States for the week. Rankings reflect sales from leading online vendors of e-books in a variety of popular e-reader formats.

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#1E-Book Fiction   July 14, 2019
Cover Origin
by Dan Brown
Weeks On Bestseller List: 22

A symbology professor goes on a perilous quest with a beautiful museum director

  • E-Book
    #2E-Book Fiction   July 14, 2019
    Cover The Other Woman
    by Daniel Silva
    Weeks On Bestseller List: 2

    Gabriel Allon, the art restorer and assassin, fights the Russians to decide the fate of postwar global order.

  • E-Book
    #3E-Book Fiction   July 14, 2019
    Cover Crazy Rich Asians
    by Kevin Kwan
    Weeks On Bestseller List: 7

    A New Yorker gets a surprise when she spends the summer with her boyfriend in Singapore.

  • E-Book
    #4E-Book Fiction   July 14, 2019
    Cover Sharp Objects
    by Gillian Flynn
    Weeks On Bestseller List: 9

    After a stay at a psychiatric hospital, a reporter reluctantly returns to her hometown to cover the murders of two girls.

  • E-Book
    #5E-Book Fiction   July 14, 2019
    Cover The President Is Missing
    by James Patterson and Bill Clinton
    Weeks On Bestseller List: 8

    President Jonathan Duncan, a Gulf War veteran and widower, takes on adversaries at home and abroad.

  • E-Book
    #6E-Book Fiction   July 14, 2019
    Cover Thrawn: Alliances
    by Timothy Zahn
    Weeks On Bestseller List: 1

    A Star Wars saga. Darth Vader and Grand Admiral Thrawn join forces to serve Emperor Palpatine.

  • E-Book
    #7E-Book Fiction   July 14, 2019
    Cover The Rooster Bar
    by John Grisham
    Weeks On Bestseller List: 20

    Three students at a sleazy for-profit law school hope to expose the student-loan banker who runs it.

  • E-Book
    #8E-Book Fiction   July 14, 2019
    Cover The Naked Truth
    by Vi Keeland
    Weeks On Bestseller List:1

    An employee on tenuous ground must make a pitch to a former lover.

  • E-Book
    #9E-Book Fiction   July 14, 2019
    Cover The Outsider
    by Stephen King
    Weeks On Bestseller List: 10

    A detective investigates a seemingly wholesome member of the community when an 11-year-old boy’s body is found in a town park.

  • E-Book
    #10E-Book Fiction   July 14, 2019
    Cover Cottage By The Sea
    by Debbie Macomber
    Weeks On Bestseller List: 2

    Annie Marlow forms new relationships in the Pacific Northwest as she tries to recover from tragedy.

  • E-Book
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